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I have had my

iPhone 4S for 2 weeks now n have had iPhones in the past, I plugged my iPhone into my friends laptop and he has got a iPhone 5 with lots of 3rdparty software , iOS 7, and I instantly became suspicious when my iPhone rebooted randomly while my friend was on his laptop, so I disconnected it straight away and went to plug it In on my iTunes which is upto date and now my iPhone wont come up on iTunes it's says it "the divice has a bad recondition or something along those lines, I have recently done some diagnostics and there is a missing driver and I need "iBoot" to reinstall the driver an I may think he has put more hidden 3rd party software/bugs/malewear in my iPhone... can anybody help me with this or relate? Need a solution to this problem bad.. Cheers

iPhone 4S, iOS 6.1.3