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When trying to send a contact to another phone I always get an error message.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.3)
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    Hi there late again,


    It sounds like you cannot message in any form from one iPhone to another. If that is correct I suggest taking a look at this article named iOS: Troubleshooting Messages found here http://support.apple.com/kb/ts2755.


    If you can't send or receive messages

    The following table shows the requirements and capabilities of Messages on iOS.

    Device RequirediOS RequiredConnectivity RequiredRecipient Types AllowedContent Types Allowed
    SMSiPhone1.0 and laterCellularPhone numberText only
    MMSiPhone 3G and later3.1 and laterCellular dataPhone numberText, audio1, photos, and video
    iMessageiPhone, iPad, or iPod touch5.0 and laterCellular data or Wi-FiPhone number or email addressText, audio1, photos, and video

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    If you still can't send or receive SMS or MMS messages


    1. See the iPhone Troubleshooting Assistant.
    2. Verify that every phone number in your contacts list includes an area code.
    3. When sending to existing contacts, ensure that your contacts include the full phone number, and not just the information needed to dial locally.
    4. If you have recently ported your number from another carrier, please contact your current carrier to verify that the porting process has completed successfully.


    If you still can't send or receive MMS messages


    1. To send and receive MMS messages on your iPhone, verify that your wireless carrier supports MMS2.
    2. Ensure that MMS Messaging is turned on in Settings > Messages.
    3. Verify that your phone is able to access cellular data.
      • Some carriers allow you to edit your APN (Access Point Name), which may prevent MMS from working.
      • If you are roaming outside your calling area, make sure you have Data Roaming turned on in Settings > General > Cellular to send or receive MMS content.
      • While on a phone call, you will be unable to send or receive MMS messages when using an EDGE, GPRS, or any CDMA cellular data network. After the phone call ends, you will receive any incoming messages. If you tried to send an MMS message, you may need to send it again.
    4. If the issue persists and your wireless carrier has confirmed that your wireless account is provisioned2 for MMS, restore the iPhone.


    If you still can't send or receive iMessages

    1. Ensure that iMessage is turned on in Settings > Messages.
    2. To send and receive iMessages, your device must have a valid cellular or Wi-Fi data connection.
    3. iMessage registration validates your Apple ID for use with iMessage. If you are unable to activate iMessage, follow this article.
    4. If an iMessage cannot be sent, it will be resent using SMS or MMS, depending on the content. You can turn this behavior on or off in Settings > Messages > Send As SMS. Carrier messaging rates may apply.
    5. Verify that the Apple ID or phone number is listed in Settings > Messages > Send & Receive.