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I am trying to contact Apple support and have gone through the usual form process but when they check my serial number #CO******V7P I get the message that they don't give support to machines manufactured over five years agao. Mine was ordered December 21, 2011 and delivered mid January 2012, hardly five years ago unless I was sold old stock but how would I know?


I have a MacBook Pro and have forgotten/misplaced the Verification Code for FileVault, it doesn't also recognise my login password either which is the first disturbing problem.


How is one supposed to contact Apple Support to enquire about Code recovery and more importantly how and to whom can I answer the security questions to obtain my Verification Code? 


When I try to log in with my usual admin password after a few attempts it asks for the Verification Code but can't go any further than that. When I set up the encryption process I was never given a recovery key after my security questions were stored with Apple. 

I now see this is important an important step for the V. Code to be recovered.


Ideas please.


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MacBook, Mac OS X (10.5.5), also run an iMac Tiger
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    The serial number you posted seems to be valid for your model. If you're sure you entered it correctly on the support web page, then call Apple (1-800-275-2273).

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    Don't think I can get that number living inGermany but I did try a similar number for Germany and then got a message that the number had changed, so was given the new number by the message machine and after dialing the voice said this number is no longer valid!  Great support system hey?

    Apple obviously can't handle the level of problems people have!

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    There must be a support number in Germany you can call. I don't know what it is.

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    Apple Technischer Support: 0800 6645 451

    Besuche den Apple Online Store, wenn du online Hardware und Software von Apple oder Zubehör von Drittanbietern kaufen möchtest. Wenn du telefonisch einkaufen möchtest, wähle bitte folgende Nummer:
    0800 2000 136.
    Die Geschäftszeiten sind Mo-Fr: 8-20 Uhr und Sa: 10-18 Uhr.

    Sales Support

    Prüfe den Status einer aktuellen Bestellung im Apple Online Store. Wende dich an den Apple Store Customer Service unter
    0800 2000 136,
    um Änderungen an einer laufenden Bestellung vorzunehmen. Die Geschäftszeiten sindMo-Fr: 8-20 Uhr.

    Einkauf von Apple Produkten für Unternehmen

    Kunden aus dem Unternehmens- oder Pro-Bereich besuchen bitte online den Apple Store Business oder rufen die Mitarbeiter vom Serviceteam unter folgender Nummer an:
    0800 0003 666.
    Der Apple Online Store für Geschäftskunden bietet viele Services und Finanzierungsmöglichkeiten sowie die Inzahlungnahme und spezielle Verkäufe für Entwickler. Die Geschäftszeiten sind Mo-Fr: 9-18 Uhr.

    Einkauf von Apple Produkten für den Bildungsbereich

    Kunden aus dem Bildungsbereich besuchen bitte den Apple Store Bildung oder rufen Mitarbeiter vom Serviceteam unter folgender Nummer an:
    0800 0003 168.
    Die Geschäftszeiten sind Mo-Fr: 8-20 Uhr un
    iTunes Support Seite.

    Volumenlizenzen für Software

    Wer Volumenlizenzen für ausgewählte Software erwerben möchte, einschließlich Mac OS X, QuickTime und Logic, ruft bitte folgende Nummer an:
    0800 6645 087.
    Weitere Informationen gibt es auf unserer Website für Volumenlizenzen.
    Weitere Hilfemöglichkeiten:


    Stellen Sie online Ihre Supportanfrage, und wir leiten Sie an einen Experten weiter.

    Telefon  0800 6645 451


      Apple Inc., Infinite Loop, Cupertino, CA 95014 Telefon: 1 408 996 1010




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    Well I can now report that the problem has been sorted!


    I did get through to Apple support (Germany) and they were very helpful especially spotting that although I am in Germany and have a German Keyboard my machine's OS is in English. This meant that when I typed my password that contained a 'Y' I was in fact typing Z (they are interchanged on a German keyboard). Unfortunately when you type a password you can't see what you've typed. 

    Immediately I typed my P/W using the Z key for the Y key my machine opened up! My computer was always set up for German but for some reason it had changed to English and I hadn't set up System Preferences and ticked the Show Input Menu which shows a little flag to inform one.


    The Verification Code was not necessary and now I have turned it off. The support engineer explained unless you are working in a high security environment it is advisable not to use it.