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I've been able to do this before; but for whatever reason, I don't seem to be able to do so now.


In my list of songs for in a playlist, I was able to click and drag a song up or down to where I wanted it; like if I wanted one song to be the 5th song and another one to be the 3rd, etc..


That's not working for me now. I've already tried going to Controls >> Shuffle >> Turn Shuffle Off (as well as On) etc..


Any suggestions anyone??


I was able to do this just last week too.. so I don't get what's changed since then or whatever.


Any help would be greatly appreciated!!


Thank you!!

iPod touch (4th generation), Windows 7
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    Click the heading of the left most column of numbers.



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    At the top of the playlist select Sort by and select Manual Order.


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    @ tt2: I'm not seeing that anywhere.. ??


    @ Chris CA: It looks like you have a different OS or something.. not where what you pulled up exactly ??


    Here's a screenshot of my entire iTunes window/screen, with one of the Playlists selected:


    in case if that's too small - http://i.imgur.com/BveGBvu.png

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    The instructions above are for iTunes 11.


    As tt2 noted, click the first column header with the numbers (it's the very first column as shown in your screenshot),

    You can then drag songs up/down in the playlist.

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    Hmm, okay, this worked.. I deslected all of the things that were selected in this dropdown menu from right-clicking at the column area there..




    Then I tried clicking and dragging a song to be a different # and that worked.. strange.. I know I had more columns selected/showing before in my playlists, and I was able to drag and move songs to order how I wanted..


    Oh well, at least I'm able to do now what I wanted LOL


    Thank you both for your help! (:



    @ tt2: In case you remember me from before - I ended up having to manually put my music back in iTunes (luckily I had almost all of my music files saved onto thumb drives etc.).. I finally have everything synced now; except for Outlook sort of. My Calendar is synced between Outlook and my iPod touch, but before I had the iCloud thing showing as a button thing in my main/Home ribbon in Outlook.. now I no longer have that.. I guess that's not all that important though, just so long as my Calendar in Outlook and my iPod are the same/synced.. although it doesn't sync automatically.. I guess maybe that's what the iCloud thing up at the top in Outlook had to do with?

    I want my Calendars to always be in sync with each other, like without having to manually connect my iPod to my computer/iTunes to sync my iPod etc.. any suggestions for that ??

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    Hmm, okay, I got iCloud for Outlook figured out now.. apparently I needed to install iCloud back on my computer.. thought I had, as I thought it was part of iTunes' installation or something, but I guess not..


    Now however, I have two Calendars listed in my Outlook.. although I'm able to uncheck/deselect the other Calendar, to only show the iCloud calendar (instead of My Calendars), that's still annoying.. I want to remove the "My Calendars" from here in Outlook completely..


    I remember struggling with this before too - before I had to reinstall windows and all that, that is.. I don't remember what I did that ended up working; or maybe I did just have to end up leaving it this way..


    Oh well.. I'm sure this is more of a Microsoft issue now, not iTunes/Apple.. LOL


    If anyone knows though anyway, any/all suggestions welcome (:


    Otherwise, I think my Apple/iTunes/iCloud issues are resolved as of now!     


    Thanks again you two!! (:

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    typative wrote:




    In the screenshot above there is a small black triangle in the heading of the Plays column, pointing down so that determines the order. Clicking a different heading gives that priority. The left-most, unlabeled, column of numbers is the Play Order, only when this is selected as the sort column can you drag things up & down by hand.


    I remember the name, but not the conversation. I sync my contacts & calendars with an Exchange server so I'm not the best person for advice on syncing with Outlook directly. This support doc may help though. HT1692 - iPhone, iPad, iPod touch: Troubleshooting contact and calendar syncing via USB on Windows.