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I have seen several variations of this issue but NO solutions. 


I work with iMovie almost every day; up until a month ago, all four (iMovie, Garage Band, iPhoto and iTunes) worked together perfectly. 


iMovie no longer asks to make thumbnails of the videos in iPhoto when opening iMovie. 


When opening the iphoto media browser, I am told to open iPhoto.. 


When opening the itunes media browser in iMovie, I get the same message "open itunes..."


I have opened those apps and iMovie is not recognizing that they are open.


Garageband no longer recognizes iTunes - again, I am getting the message to "open iTunes";


Last night I discovered that iTunes no longer offers me the option of syncing selected iPhoto albums to my iPhone and iPad; the only option I have is to sych my entire iPhoto Library file.


I have posted these issues in iMovie and iPhoto forums and always am given a workaround but no solution; or I am told to ask the quesiton in another forum. I am posting THIS in all of the forums, so please do not suggest that I need to go to another forum.


I have searched all similar threads and found others who are having the same issue but seem to never be given a solution.


I have found temporary work arounds (exporting photos from iPhoto as slideshows and then importing them into iMovie; creating a Loop in Garageband which I export to iTunes to my "playlist" which is THEN recognized by Garageband and can be used in iMovie.  


Any help for this will be greatly appreciated.

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    A. I don't really know ! - I just speculate ! (so that this is 100% clear)


    B. iMovie - on starting up - locates the other programs libraries as iPhoto, GarageBand etc (all in iLife suite)


    If they have been changed to Libraries outside the Main Start-Up Hard Disk === iMovie gets LOST !


    My iPhoto Library is really swelling up - So I'm in the need to re-locate it to an external drive - BUT then iMovie can not reach it any more.


    I've not found any solution to this.


    So Main advice is to - NOT set iPhoto or the other parts to address any other external Libraries !


    the iMovie Event's and iMovie Project's -  can be moved to an external storage (BUT NOT via FINDER - only from within iMovie - else links breaks)


    As I see it - there is only way's around this by - on the Main Start-Up Hard Disk - Create a folder that You fill with the Photos and Audio You need for Your Movie - AND KEEP THIS TILL Movie is done AND Distributed (via DVD or YouTube or whatever) - as they are needed all the time till You are really finished ! there are NO safe copies in iMovie or iDVD or elsewhere !


    Yours (really trying to be of help - fingers cross that I made it all the way) Bengt W

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    This solved my question by Old Toad  on Aug 1, 2013 1:43 PM

    Old Toad

    Try the following:


    Delete the following two preference files from your Home/Library/Preferences folder:



    Launch iPhoto and then iMovie and check the Media Browser again.


    NOTE: In Lion and Mountain Lion the Home/Library folder is now invisible. To make it permanently visible enter the following in the Terminal application window: chflags nohidden ~/Library and press the Return key - 10.7: Un-hide the User Library folder.

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    First, I closed all Apps and then I had to open terminal and enter the text in red above to find the Library in HOME.


    Then, I ONLY deleted com.apple.iApps.plist.


    Finally, I opened iPhoto, then iTunes, then GarageBand, and lastly iMovie.


    iMovie populated photos, music, exactly as it should have. And GarageBand populated my itunes music!


    Thanks to all who took the time to offer a solution!