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If I download Audio Hijack Pro what is the simplest and most efficient way to download radio broadcasts ?


I have experimented using Garageband and my radio tuner with an audio cable connected to the 'audio-in' port without success.

OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.3)
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    Audio Hijack´s main purpose is to record internal sounds that come from some software on your computer. So the best way to use it for your purpose would be to find a stream of the radio station you want, either from their webpage, from iTunes or some other service, and use Audio Hijack to record the sound.


    If you want to record an external audio source through the line-in port of your computer, any recording software would do - GarageBand, Audacity, Sound Studio ... no need to purchase Audio Hijack.


    (Since you have been "experimenting" without success - are you sure your computer does have a line-in port? You don't say what model Mac you have.)

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    Yes, my Mac does have a line-in port ( I have an Intel desktop 10.8.4 )


    When I use Garageband to record an opera of over 5 hours in length, after just over 3 hours the recording stops with the message :


    ‘File size limit reached. Audio recordings are limited to a file size of 2 gigabytes. This recording has reached the file size limit. Recording will stop, and the recording up to this point will be preserved'


    . . . even though I had been told a 40BPM project can record/play for 16:39:48. Apparently, there is no way round this.


    I know Audacity is free, but I am cautious downloading unknown software, having read many problems encountered uninstalling etc : reviews also say the many features can be difficult for the novice to master.


    Although Sound Studio costs, it is reassuring it is sold on the App Store.


    I mentioned Audio Hijack Pro because a previous post said he had been using it for many years trouble-free.


    I have 'BBC iPlayer' installed (for hearing BBC broadcasts for 7 days after transmission). Although I don't think it can be used for 'live' broadcasts, but I may be wrong.


    If BBC iPlayer isn't suitable, how would I find a suitable stream (from iTunes, for example, or some other) ?

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    I'm late to this discussion because I've had no problems recording my weekly 2-hour jazz show by inputting my Onkyo tune to my 2013 iMac vs. USB (Apple removed the audio-in jack--darn it).  I recorded them in Sound Studio (which unlike Toast has easily editable audio waves--and for digitizing LPs, I found I could be more accurate and achieve faster results that with Spin Doctor, which is bundled with Toast). I had no trouble.  That is, until now.  My recordings are suddenly all static.  I can hear my voice in the background but the recording is unusable for all practical purposes.


    I can only infer that the problem may stem from my Onkyo receiver transmitting a regular FM signal (it's not an HD receiver).  The station that I broadcast from is HD (like many other public radio stations), so the main channel (#1) along with #2 and #3 are transmitting a high def signal, which will not have static (it's all or nothing, the signal is clear or it's non-existent).


    Therefore, it appears I need a program like AHP to record the program direct from our station's internet site.  (I'm not clear if internet radio and HD radio are the same thing.  HD radio, of course, proved a bust, but internet audio seems no longer to provoke the little bit of complaint.  (10 years ago it was like 2 dixiecups communicating with a string.  A joke when compared to the best vinyl.  But now the AIFF and Apple Lossless files appear to meet the approval of audiophiles.)


    I'm wondering if AHP is still the program of choice for recording sounds from my internet radio station (My Roxio Toast claims to have the capability, but it's proven highly buggy and undependable.)  Or would I be better advised to look for an external HD radio/tuner with audio out to go to my computer.  (Possibly a tall order these days with no one making HD radios.)