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Hi all!


     I am finishing up a project that was shot with a Panasonic HDC-HS900 camera.  I have converted all the files to AppleProRes 422 Progressive in Compressor.  All of the scenes play wonderfully except for a few we shot at one location.  These clips will play fine, but then suddenly the image and sound will freeze but the rest of the clip appears to keep playing (the computer will register audio and continue to count frames, etc.).  It plays this way in Final Cut and in Quicktime.  I have looked around online and cannot discover the reason for this.  I am wondering if someone might have bumped one of the controls while filming and changed the format.  The base clip appears to play the same as the other base clips (which is not very well because they are not in a very workable format) but once I convert it it does this.  I also tried to convert it to ProRes Interlaced to see if that was the problem, but no go.


Thank you in advance for your help!

     The Director

Final Cut Pro 7, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    HOw did you use Compressor to do this?  This camera shoots AVCHD...you need to use Log and Transfer to bring in the footage. That's the proper workflow.  I have a tutorial:




    If that doesn't work, then ClipWrap2 from divergentmedia.com is the way to go.

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    We borrowed the camera for the filming of our project, and because I didn't know about the wrapper problem with the Panasonic HDC-HS900 camera, I simply dragged the needed files onto my external hard drive then deleted the footage on the camera so I could return it.  Unfortunately, it was only after that that I realized you needed to log and transfer or grab the whole folder to keep the wrapper intact.  I got around the problem by converting the files in Compressor which has worked fine except for the 1 and a half scenes shot at one location. 


    I'll check out ClipWrap 2.  Will it mess up the quality of the footage at all?



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    AH...right..now I recognize your name.


    Compressor on those camera originals is iffy...ClipWrap2 does well with those, all it really needs is the video files.  And you will want to convert those to ProRes, of course. That's the only "messing" it does.

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    Thank you for your response!  I ended up just editing around the laggy playback, as it played fine on a DVD

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    Found out the answer! My voice-overs were recorded in 44.1khz as opposed to 48khz. To fix it, covert files to 48khz and make sure there are NONE with 44.1 khz in your timeline.