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Hi all,


I'm having a bit of trouble, and I was hoping someone on here could help me out.


I had to use footage from four separate DVDs for a project I'm working on. I used Handbrake to rip the DVDs; I used the same settings on all four, and everything worked fine. All four files play in both VLC and Quicktime.


Now I'm trying to import them into FCP7, and while two of the files are importing properly, two of them result in the error message: "File Error: 1 file(s) recognized, 0 access denied, 1 unknown."


I've been reading the forums (on Apple Support, as well as Creative Cow) for some time now, and I've tried just about every solution I've seen posted:

- I've tried moving the files to a differnal external HD

- I've tried resetting my caches and designating a new scratch disk

- I've tried renaming and resaving the files

- I've tried using MPEG Streamclip to convert to a different format

- I've tried using Compressor to convert to a different format

- I've tried creating a new user on my computer to effectively reset FCP

So far, nothing has worked. The four files seem to be identical in terms of settings, yet two work fine and two won't work at all.


I really need to get this to work ASAP, so if anyone has any thoughts I would be forever grateful!


Thank you!



Final Cut Pro 7, Mac OS X (10.7.5)
  • Shane Ross Level 8 (42,690 points)

    Handbrake is wrong for this. You need to use MPEG STREAMCLIP...convert the DVDs to DV/NTSC.  FCP doesn't work with MP4 and H.264 or whatever setting you used in Handbrake.


    Tutorial on this:



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    I had tried this initially, but for some reason MPEG Streamclip wouldn't read the DVDs I was working with.


    Also, while I know FCP doesn't really like MP4 or H.264, it WILL read and work with them. I have used those formats before on similar projects, and, as I mentioned above, two of the four Handbrake-produced files are working fine in FCP.

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    MPEG Streamclip does not work with copy protected commercially released DVDs, if that is what you are trying to do. It might manage to get 1 or 2 of the .VOB files but it will give up at some point.


    If you are indeed ripping copy protected commercial DVDs, please do not ask for advice about that here. The terms of use of these forums explicitly prohibit the discussion of the subject. The moderators will remove your posts or even the entire thread. They might even suspend or ban your account.


    So you got lucky so far with MP4/H.264 in FCP. It sometimes does work with short projects. Then all of a sudden, it doesn't. FCP does not like Long GOP structured video. Period.


    Your next post will be then asking why your audio is out of sync or it suddenly stops rendering or there are flashing green frames and any other of the numerous problems that appear on here. That's why the forum leaders and other long standing users here don't recommend you use it.

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    I am not working with copy protected commercially released DVDs. I am working with DVDs shot by a private videographer and I have her permission (in writing) to rip the footage. However, she did use some kind of copy protection, which is why I am unable to use MPEG Streamclip. Unfortunately, the DVDs are the only remaining copy of this footage; otherwise, I would not be using this workflow.


    I've been fortunate enough not to encounter any problems with MP4/H.264 in FCP so far, but obviously I would like to avoid any problems going forward. Given that I can't seem to find any way of ripping the DVDs aside from using Handbrake, what would you recommend?


    I am not using audio for this project, so audio falling out of sync will not be an issue.

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    >However, she did use some kind of copy protection...


    >I can't seem to find any way of ripping the DVDs aside from using Handbrake, what would you recommend?


    As above. That discussion is not permitted here. It's not personal - anyone can see what is posted here. The methods used to rip a commercial disc or one that you have permission to use, despite it unfortunately having copy protection are one and the same.


    Apple has a lot of ties to the movie industry and as a result don't want their site being used to promote ways to circumvent copy protection.


    I have been in a similar situation. Let's just say "I got creative".



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    Ah, I understand completely. In that case, I withdraw my question. To be clear, I'm not ripping a commercial disk or performing any kind of illegal action, but I certainly don't want to contribute to anyone else circumventing copy protection or engaging in any kind of piracy.


    I'll figure out a creative solution as well. Thanks for the help.