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My iPhone dropped in water how cam I manage

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    put it in a bag of uncook rice for a couple of days..

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    Assume that you can't and that your iPhone is gone.


    Some things to try include;


    1. Do not try to power it on!
    2. Place in a bag of uncooked rice and leave it there for several days.
    3. In a few days, connect to the computer that you normally sync to. You may need to let it charge for about an hour.
    4. If iTunes can recognize the device at all, perform a backup RIGHT AWAY.
    5. Also, use your photo software to import all photos.
    6. If the iPhone comes back to life, the situation may prove temporary.  Be prepared to pay for a replacement iPhone.
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    Worked well

    My son's iPhone fell in a pool stayed for about 10 minutes till it could be recovered from water, I put in uncooked rice after drying for about 2 days, it came back to normal all data, photos, app. were recovered without sync.

    Thanks for advice

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    You're not out of the woods yet.  Clock is ticking.