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I regularly back up my MacBook Pro with Retina display 15 inches running OSX 10.8.4 using Time Capsule. The backup go fine.


I have just recognized that when I restore my Mac from Time Machine when Adobe CC go wrong, Finder crash every time after boot up. finder will appear momentarily and then close, with crash report in the Console.


Together with this, Google Drive will also fail and very hard to get it back to work as it should be. disconnect, reconnect, remove, reinstall, remove Google Drive folder will not help.


My solution is to restore OSX and then everything will start working OK. I can then log in to Google Drive and it will run fine. finder will o longer crash.


I suspect that Google Drive isthe culprit that fail restore process of Ime Machine and cause Finder to crash after every reboot following the restore process.


I have come across this article and it confirm that Oogle Drive is the cause of Inder crash after restore from Time Machine


http://technicaltom.wordpress.com/2013/06/13/google-drive-issues-following-a-tim e-machine-restore-on-a-mac/


Any friend here experience the same issue as I do? I have experienced two times after restore from Ime Machine and Inde crash. have to restore MacOSX from Recovery Partition and it will work fine.


But this is very time consuming and frustrating prolem. Can Google make this better or I have to stop using Google Drive forever


Any advice and suggestion please on this issue

MacBook Pro with Retina display, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.3)
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    Any expert or frend here have any comment on this issue? Really don't know what Google Drive make modification to Finder and cause problem wihTime Mchine restore.


    Any friend know what Google Drive do to Finder? Dropbox never cause problem like this. When safe boot Mac, Googl Drive also stop functioning as well

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    Another incident of problem between Google Drive crashing finder after restore from Time Machine



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    The problem still persist that Finder will crash after time machine restore with Google Drive running when oing backup. The ul print is with Google Drive.


    Any experts here experiencing this problem? What I have to do is to log out from Google Rive when doing Time Machine backup and have to set Time Machine to turn off automatic backup.


    Help fix this please

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    Talk to Google.  Sounds like Google wrote a broken plug-in for Finder (Finder plug-ins are unsupported).

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    Google is known to be the lousiest companion this planet when it come to support. There's nowhere can I contact Google Drive team over email,phone, or chat. Clicking on contact us show that there is o contact option.

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    Also had a crashing finder after TM recovery....quitting google drive seems to have solved it ...had the following crash report....at first i was afraid it has something to do with my self made fusion drive