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    Ha Ha... I was about to tell you I'd searched all my files/Folders and it wasn't there. I used Spotlight God Bless it.... Nope, it wasn't there...

    Then I went and manually checked my 'old stuff' on the external HD and there it was! Just where you said...

    What's the point of having a reference system for a computer if it doesn't know where things are!! Sheesh!


    Anyway, just wanted to tell you, I tried it and it bombed twice when calculating data to be migrated (just quit with no explanation). It's version 1.0.6


    Do you think a later version would have more success? Do you know where I might find one?...


    Thanks again BDAqua (can I call you BD by now? Are we on first name basis yet?... )


    Talk to you soon...


    Yours, P Mason... :-)

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    Just an addendum. Tried Migration Assistant again last night. It bombed at exactly the point - when calculating what needed to be moved.


    Any ideas?




    P Mason...

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    Sure, you can call me BD, no problem.


    Is your MA version 1.2.4 on 10.5.8? Or version1.0.6 from Tiger/10.4?


    What OS are we trying to Migrate from? Still a 10.4.x Disk?

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    Hey BD! Thanks for getting back.

    The only version of MA I can find came with my 10.4 OS. It's v.1.0.6 . Thats the version that quits mid-calc as I mentioned above.


    I've looked on the OS 10.5 (10.5.4 If I remember correctly) Server install (Applications>Utilities), and there's no MA there.

    On the install disc there is an 'Other Installs' Folder. It has 'Xcode', 'X11 User' and 'ServerAdministrationSoftware'.


    On the 2nd disc' Admin Tools', there's 'ServerAdministrationSoftware.mpkg and a Utilities folder containing 'Package maker' and 'Property List Editor'.


    I also have a 2nd Admin Tools disc which has all the same info on it as the 1st, but also has 'AppleXserveDiagnostics'.


    Is MA meant to come with OS 10.5? Or can you source it from elsewhere?

    I've had a look on the net and have only found 10.5 updates to incorporate Lion, that will only work on Intel chipped Macs (Mine's a PPC), So I guess I would need the original version for 10.5...


    Any help gratefully received!...


    Thanks again BD. Hope to hear from you in the next installment....


    Regards, P Mason...

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    Sorry, missed your last question;


    we're trying to migrate from OS 10.4.11 to 10.5.4...


    Thanks, P Mason...

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    You must find the 10.5.8 Migration Assistant, do you have the 10.5.8 Install Disc handy?

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    Hi BD. Yes, I have all the install materials to hand, they're sitting on my desk by the computer until I(we) manage to crack this OS upgrade!


    However, It's not 10.5.8 - the version i've got and installed is 10.5.4...


    I wasn't going to try and update anything until we got somewhere with the account migration...


    Speak soon,


    P Mason...

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    I'd update to 10.5.8 & see if MA is then there or available in SW update...


    1058 Combo Update, 10.5.8...





    Get Pacifist...



    then extract/install what you need from your Install Disc.


    Search for migration, choose Migration, under File Menu choose Install to Default location.

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    Hi BD. Thanks for getting back. Looks like we might be getting somewhere! except...

    Updated to 10.5.8 - No MA app!

    Looked at install disc with Pacifist - no MA app - some other migration files though...

    Have a look for yourself;

    Picture 2.png

    Picture 3.png

    What do you think? Let me know when you can...


    Regards, P Mason... :-)

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    Hmmm, no idea why it isn't showing on the right there, but did you scroll down there?


    Otherwise look under Contents of EssentialSystemSoftware>Applications>Utilities...


  • BDAqua Level 10 Level 10 (120,935 points)

    but did you scroll down there?


    Ooops, now I did see you scrolled down!


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    Hi BD. Had a look where you said. Can't see any Contents of MigrationAssistant Pkg and according subfolders...

    Have a look see...

    Picture 1.png

    Any thoughts?


    Best Wishes, P Mason...

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    Hmmm, try searching for Applications, or utilities, or the full migration

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    Oh.... is there DVD #2?

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    Hi BD. Thanks again for getting back and helping.

    I've used Pacifist to try all the searches you mentioned on disc 1 - the install disc

    This brings back nothing related or close to Migration Assisant or Migration Assistant app


    On disc 2 (of which I have 2 versions - one is an update), Pacifist can't look into them as they aren't install discs.

    I think i've mentioned before they hold;

    Server Admin Software


    About Admin Tools

    Utilities:Property List Editor, and Package Maker

    Apple Xserve Diagnostics


    That's it. Nothing else.


    The only odd thing is that, as you've seen in the previous images i've sent, when you search for 'Migration' on the original install disc, a whole host of various files come up (9th August message)...


    Is there anywhere else you can get the Migration Assistant app other than the install disc?


    Regards, P Mason... :-)