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Everytime I try to use a site to upload photos i get the error message "download java and install".  I am using OS X 10.7.5 and Java 7 update 25.  with Safari 6.0.5.  It worked last week but not this week.  have tried deleting cache and reinstalling Java 7 and quitting and restarting Safari but can't get any further than this error message.  Java is enabled within Safari.


Managed to upload photos on a friend's Windows machine with IE and it worked okay.

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.5)
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    Thanks sanjampet,


    These articles look interesting.  Are you suggesting that I should use Java 6 instead of 7?


    Haven't used Terminal before so obviously wary about making adjustments.  I have asked the Image Company that I upload to about problems in the past and they have not been that constructive on how to resolve. 


    The program that should launch is Aurigma but I am not getting this Java 7.25 to start up.

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    After trying various things like uninstalling Java, re-installing, dumping cache etc still would not work. Installed Firefox to see if that would help.  Got a bit further but on the load images screen there was no tab to "Add Folder".  Went back to Safari and it got as far as saying Download Java so clicked on that but instead of downloading I selected "Check if Java is installed"  This brought up a request to run an Java Applet to detect which I "Allowed".  Of course this said I had the latest version installed.  Came out of that and low and behold it all worked.  Tried it twice and it was okay so don't know what was / is going on.  Will be using it again this Thursday so will see if it is still working.  Haven't tempted fate by trying before hand again.

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    Just to say thanks sanjampet.  System worked as it should, only use this program twice a week.  Don't know what actually cured it but I suspect it was kickstarted by selecting the "check if I have java" on the download page and running that applet.


    `hopefully it will keep going now.

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    If you use Safari there is a a pane in Safari preferences>security Plugins which allows you to select use Java.


    In FireFox check into the manage add-ons for enabling Java.


    Apple tends to disable Java as it is the path that most malware is launched.


    You may have to re-enable Java when you need to use it, it is a good idea to disable it when not needed for saftey reasons, tis is why the Apple default is to turn it off.


    I avoid it when ever possible.


    Thanks and wish all the best to you,


    Be safe