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Hi there,


I'm using TE to enter basic copy and have included some tables to summarise some points.  After I saved and quit the document, I opened it back up to discover that the tables had disappeared.  Is there any reason for this? 


Thanks so much.

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    I made a simple table in TE and saved the document as a Rich Text Document. I also saved this document in the following file types, with the content table format results when reopened in TE.


    Rich Text Format (.rtf): Preserved

    Word 2007 (.docx):       Lost

    Word 97:                      Preserved

    OpenDocument (.odt):  Preserved

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    Thanks for your speedy reply.

    I was already working in a Rich Text Document, so unsure why it didn't save the first time.  However, I've tried it again and now the tables seem to have been preserved when saved as an .rtf doc.

    Thanks again!