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I had a Mac set up with a printer shared on it.  I used Bonjour Printer Wizard to then configure and connect to the printer from my Windows 7 machine.  That printer is no longer on the network, so I went to delete it from my Windows 7 Control Panel, and clicked Remove Device, however, it doesn't remove it.  What can I do? 


I also have two other "versions" of the same printer on my Windows machine from when I originally was trying to set it up, and used the wrong drivers.  I couldn't delete them then either, so I just went thru the Bonjour Printer Wizard again, until I finally got a driver that worked.  In the end, I have 3 network printers "installed" on my Windows machine, only one of them worked.  Now that I do not have a shared printer anymore, I would like to have all three of them removed, but they will not "delete".  Any help s greatly appreciated.