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I found out that syncing the latest changes of my OS X address book to my iPhone is a real hard quest. Because the last change is always reseted. So I did a few syncs in a row, but that didn't help.


Then I did the changes in my adress book again and since there is no save command I choosed to change to another contact card. And yes, that does help, the sync works finally.


So I guess there is a bug that let's the sync background process reset latest changes in OS X adress book if the contact card wasn't changed (seems to be kind of a missing automatic save bug).


I already did an iOS restore. It didn't solve this problem.


The calender sync is way buggy too.




Are there others experiening the same problems?




iPhone 4S, iOS 6.1.3

OS X 10.8.4

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    Problems again!


    I had set an calender event on my iPhone for the next day. I synced the iPhone with my Mac. But that calender event doesn't show up.

    So I deleted the calender event on my iPhone and instead set it up on my Mac. Then I tried to sync both calenders again. No success. So I opened up iTunes, go to the iPhone device and checked the option to delete the calenders on that device. After that it synced the calenders to my iPhone again, but without this specific calender event!!!


    What is going on?