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I'm not sure if this an OS, app, software or hardware question, and couldn't find a better place to post. Hope it's OK. Apologies if not.


When i need to re-listen or re-watch a few seconds on an online school lecture using Safari or a song in iTunes to lean a part on my guitar, the play bar always moves much farther back past where & what I want to hear again - forcing me to watch or listen to unwanted material waiting until the play bar gets back to the part I want. This extra time really adds up!.


Is it possible to move the play bar back (or forward) to the exact place I want?


If the file is on my computer, I open it in recording/editing software, which allows pinpoint accuracy. If the file is online only, I record it to my computer so I can open in my recording app. All needlessly time consuming.


But i cant do this on my iPad or iPhone and a finger on a touch screen trying to move a play bar is much worse than using a mouse or trackpad on a computer.


Can I move the play bar back or forward to exactly where I need it when using simple playback type software (like maybe using the arrow keys) with the same or close to placement accuracy of a recording/editing program?



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