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Hi all. I have done a 1 hour and 36 min long movie on my weeding and it's made of around 80 "clips", where in some places the original sound is used and in some places external sound is placed instead. In some places iMovie text boxes is used and in some places the video has filters and slow motion (so a lot of random filters, effects, etc and chapters).


So my problem? 3 weeks ago I wanted to just test the video before doing everything done and exported it as mov HD1080 and it worked good on other devices. When improvements done I tried to export it again. But as it is now, when I export is, regardless if its to iDVD, iTunes, MOV HD720 or 1080, and regardless if its "finilized" first or not, or if its shared to "media library", the transitions is not working (un sync) and the sound is fading out to 0% during all the transitions before up to the original level.


I have for real exported the film more than 25 times and average export time is 6 hours due to the high quality and the time duration.


When just in the project view looking and listening, everything is just perfect. As soon as I finilize the project, or export it, even in the project preview it doesnt work. I also tested to install miDVD pro (10$) and WonderShare DVD Creator (39$) to just sharing the project to them, but the result was the same.


I just want to be able to export it as it is in the project.


I have macbook 13, moutain lion, iMovie 11


Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!

iMovie '11, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.4)