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I am using the most recent version (CC) of Adobe Edge Animate to create interactive HTML content for a book I am creating using iBooks Author. But I cannot get the published HTML to work within iBooks. Any suggestions?

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    Any suggestions?


    Contact Adobe - these forums are for Apple/iBA support.

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    I doubt Adobe will have given time to cater for anything required by Apple in iBooks Author.


    However, in the iBA HELP files you will find:-

    You can add an HTML5 widget (with the extension .wdgt), which you can create with a text editor or by using a web content creation app... and much more information


    Your HTML needs to comply with iBooks Author. Its advisable to become familiar with what is acceptable before using time to create media.


    Using HELP within iBA, under WIDGETS ( interactive material)  - you will find information which may be useful.

    There are also a number of HTML realted discussion  on this forum which  you can  find by doing a forum search. 


    Try this:- https://discussions.apple.com/message/17415861#17415861


    Other than this, the suggestion to  contact iBA support is your best option but may take a few days.

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    The OP isn't really looking for help at all.


    These are usually just efforts to advertize another company's products at Apple's expense. It's been pretty quite for a while now, but here we go again.


    I'm confident that Apple Support would tell anyone with that question the same thing I did, so....

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    Oopps sorry KT,  I thought the ANY SUGGESTIONS was inviting a reply. 


    So  explain please if the OP is not seeking help, why did  you post a reply?


    I prefer to think its a request for help.

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    I am having similar issues creating animations in Adobe Edge Animate, embedding in Adobe Indesign CC 2014 and exporting Fixed layout ePUB. This plays fine in iBooks on Mavericks but not on the iPad. I have looked through numerous posts and blogs on the issue with no help at all - not even a work-around...

    I'm guessing it's still early days for ePUB fixed layout functionality so will have to wait for a working version on the iPad iBooks before launching my service. Any help would be really appreciated!

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    Joshbonga: Your question has more to do with the iBooks reader app than the iBooks Author software, which is the topic of this community.


    But, I can say that in my opinion, fixed-layout epubs will have some issues between the various e-readers for a while. In fact, the same can be said when producing an iBook made with IBA: Things are not always working as expected between the iBooks for mac and the one for iPads.

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    Thanks sb0117, That was my reason for posting here as I suspected it is an issue with how the iPad reads the .oam file whether it is in iBooks Author or an ePUB3.