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I recently reinstalled the 10.5.8 and all the updates because I was getting a lot of instability in the computer. Certain programs like Roxio Toast where crashing or getting error messages. Intially reinstalling the OS, the updates and certain software helped but the issues started up again especially with the Roxio toast. I haven't replaced the DVD drive yet....... To get to the point is there a remote possibility that the outdated firmware could contribute to the on going instability and crashes of my computer. The other things that come to mind that could POSSIBLY cause my problems are: bad memory, Hard drive issues, logicboard....I could go on but I won't. The following steps where taken to correct the crashes and other stability issues:

-Ran Disk warrior to rebuild the system directory and to correct permissions

-Rebuilt the systems cache, spotlight list, and file associations

-Deleted the Plist and .com files that are associated with software

-Ran an anti virus

-Reinstalled the OS


Does anyone have any Ideas?



System info:

Model Name:Power Mac G5 Quad

Model Identifier:PowerMac11,2

Processor Name:PowerPC G5 (1.1)

Processor Speed:2.5 GHz

Number Of CPUs:4

L2 Cache (per CPU):1 MB

Memory:8 GB

Bus Speed:1.25 GHz

Boot ROM Version:5.2.7f1

PowerMac, Mac OS X (10.5.8)
  • kaz-k Level 5 (4,390 points)

    What about reinstalling Toast and other crashy applications and run Apple Hardware Test if it is caused by hardware issue?

  • OldmanM Level 1 (0 points)

    Reinstalled the offending software yes several times. I haven't run the apple hardware test recently but when I did I was getting an inconsistant memory error. On one run it found nothing wrong and on another run it found something wrong . I will try running it again to see if picks up anything

  • BDAqua Level 10 (122,202 points)

    I think you found the problem, RAM.


    The Memory test can really only be trusted if it finds a problem, not if it doesn't find a problem.


    Memtest OS X...



    Rember is a freeware GUI for the memtest ...


  • OldmanM Level 1 (0 points)

    Reran the memory test 3 more times and got no errors (6hrs run time total). If its the memory then the errors are very intermittent. I am not ruling out a memory problem but spending the money on a 7.5 year old G5 on a hunch.....I already had to retire another G5 for an overheating issues and other problems. I will continue to use the computer until it either completely fails or can afford a new Intel based Apple. If anyone comes up with something thats not going to cost a lot, please pass it along. Thank you Kaz-k and BDAqua for your input I very much appreciate it and your time. Kaz-k I couldn't get the Apple hardware test to run from the DVD. I ran Techtool  pro and it came up with nothing. To paraphrase from Isaac Asimov's  iRobot the "Ghosts of the machine" seem to be in bad mood.

  • BDAqua Level 10 (122,202 points)

    Yeah, it's sort of a hunch, but if you get one RAM error it is quite likely, though at this age it could easily be anything that affects the logic board... good luck!

  • OldmanM Level 1 (0 points)

    Thank you again and I didn't meant any disrespect with the hunch remark.

  • BDAqua Level 10 (122,202 points)

    No problem, no disespect assumed here, I understand your dilemma.


    Thing is, many Apps & OSX itself are better RAM testers than the RAM testers, in olden days RAM was best tested by playing iTunes wilst creating a huge Disk Image, if it frailed we would assume a RAM problem, even though there was no RAM error per se... still might not be RAM, but...

  • OldmanM Level 1 (0 points)

    Yes I agree that the memory is part of the equation. Unfortunately I don't have other memory readily available to find out and I am hesitant to spend money to get new memory $120 to equal what I have in the system from a reputable company to find out there are other issues with the computer. Safari, Adobe acrobat reader and full version, a couple of solitaire games, aperture (crashes once in awhile), iTunes (not often) have crashed regularly. Safari and acrobat are the worst ones of the group and it still happening even after the recent OS reinstall at the begining of July of 2013. I have a real good idea about most of Safaris crashes and those are related to the outdated Flash plug-in, the non flash plug-in crashes....... go know, your guess as good mine.


    Remember I am running a PPC-G5 with OS 10.5.8 and the last version of Safari I can use is 5.0.6 and flash 10.x. Firefox 3.6 which I had to stop using because it refused to run even after reinstalling it multiple times. I do clean out the internet cache files out on regular bases. At least once a week.

  • BDAqua Level 10 (122,202 points)

    Forget Safari & FF, on my G5/10.5.8...


    TenFourFox is the most up to date browser for our PPCs, they even have G4 & G5 optimized versions...



    SeaMonkey seems pretty fast also, with many options...





    The last really supported Flash for PPC was, but if it's for like Facebook or such, people have been fooling FB to think they have a leter version installed.

    Texas Mac Man's Flash hack/post...



    Flash player 11.1 hack on PowerPC -


    Might be later ones around also... saw 11.3 I think.


    (If you are running a PPC Mac with Flash Player and are having problems with watching videos on FaceBook or other sites, contributor Texas Mac Man suggests the following solution which fools the site into thinking that you are running the latest version:)


    Download this to your desktop, unzip it, and replace the current Flash Player plug-in which is in your main/Library/Internet Plug-Ins folder, (not the user Library). Save the old one just in case this one doesn't work.


    You should also consider the Shockwave Player, which displays Web content that has been created by Adobe Director, much used for multimedia: For PPC Macs:


    See in each Browser which version of Flash it thinks it has...


  • OldmanM Level 1 (0 points)

    I will try Sea monkey and tenfourfox. I have tried the hacked version of flash player and ............... I can't repeat it in an open forum like this. Thank you for your input and I will update you when I get the chance on whats going on.

  • OldmanM Level 1 (0 points)

    Downloaded and installed tenfourfox, so far so good but I will have to run it for a couple of weeks to see what happens. SeaMonkey 2.19 won't run on my computer because its strictly for 10.6 and Intel based Macs. When you mentioned seamonkey it sounded vaguely fimilar and when I went to its website it had Mozillas (firefox) name all over it. I kind of remember trying it out a long time ago when they had it for the G5 system and having problems it running properly but thank you anyway for the advice.

  • OldmanM Level 1 (0 points)

    Well.......bad news at least for getting online.  Both tenfourfox and Safari are refusing to go online, on the rare  occasions they decide to access the Internet it takes them an especially long time to get to anywhere. It's NOT my Internet connection. My PC and my mothers Intel based Macbook pro get online with no problems. Well looks like the computer is now designated for photo editing and word processing only. The crashing app's for now is at a minimum. I will need to invest in a new computer by the end of the year or sooner.

  • Klaus1 Level 8 (47,745 points)

    TenFourFox runs perfectly on my G5 iMac with Leopard 10.5.8, as does Safari. So yes, check your internet connections.

  • OldmanM Level 1 (0 points)

    ???? I had to restart the computer to get it back online but this is only a temporary fix. My Internet connection and WiFi router are fine Klaus. If it was an Internet connection problem I would be having  problems with 2 other computers and an iPhone. My Router is capable of handling up 10 people accessing all a once. I am using Xfinity broadband. My problem is with the computer both in software and hardware. The Adobe flash plug ins are causing the browsers to crash regularly but this is not the whole cause of why I am having trouble accessing the internet with these browsers.

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