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I'm having a problem restoring an external hard drive using time machine. I'm on a macbook Air Running 10.7.5.


The external hard drive where I store all my photos crashed a few days ago. Not a total disaster, because it's backed up, but I can't figure out how to restore the drive onto a new hard drive. When I go into time machine without the corrupted drive attached, it does not show up in the time machine browser as an option for restore. (The files are definitely there, though, because I can see them when I look at the time machine files in Finder. I'm afraid if I just transfer the files by dragging, though, I'll mess something up.) I tried using the migration assistant, but I'm having the same problem there.


Anyone know how to do this? I'm a little frantic to get my photos back.


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    first of all


    time machine is a backup of your current HD so if you have a time machine bkp all your photos are on your HDD too.


    So if you are just copying your pictures to the external hardrive called "time machine" this doesn;t mean that you have a time machine backup.


    i believe that this is your case and you are not using time machine and you can copy and paste your pictures just browsing the externat harddrive using finder.



    or you are using time capsule and storing your pictures on the external hdd and the time machine on the time capsule. if not your scenario is not posible.




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    Thanks, but no, that's not the situation. The drive with the photos was being backed up through the time machine application, not by copying and pasting. So the files should be accessible through a time machine restore, but the external drive is not appearing in the time machine browser when I go back to the last backup date. What i'm trying to figure out is how to restore them through time machine as well.

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    I am having a similar problem.  I use a  Lacie external hard drive connected to an Airport Time Capsule via USB to store my itunes library.  Yesterday I disconnected the external drive from the ATC and connected it to my macbook pro via fire wire to transfer 40 gigabytes of media files from my laptop to the external drive directly rather than over wifi.  When I reattached the external drive to the ATC the Lacie drive didn't show up even after rebooting everything. I then disconnected from the ATC and reconnected to the laptop and now I get an error message saying the Lacie disk is unrecognizable and needs to be reformated.  The Lacie drive was being included in the time machine backups so the files should be available through time machine but I don't see anyway to access them because the Lacie disk icon doesn't appear in the time machine backups.  Is there another way to browse the files?  


    I have had issues with Lacie disks not showing up on the desktop before, particularly when transferring files from one computer to another.  The transfer usually goes fine but then when I reattach the drive to the first computer it isn't recognized anymore until I reboot and it sometimes requires a couple of reboots.  I initially tried to connect the external drive to both the ATC and the laptop but that didn't work, although now I'm wondering if that was because the connection to the laptop was firewire rather than USB like the ATC.  In any case I currently have over a terabyte of data on my lacie that I can't access which includes my entire itunes library and backup files from multiple computers which were "cleaned" but not restored. 


    Disk utility sees the drive but can't verify or repair and tells me to backup as many files as possible and then reformat.  Unfortunately I can't see ANY files to backup because the disk won't mount anywhere.  If anyone has a recommendation for utilities to recover the files I'd be most grateful to get them.

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    Sorry to hear you're having the same problem. I was able to get most of my files by going into the time machine folder through the finder (not through the time machine program) and dragging and dropping them. But I also used Disk Drill Media Recovery (you need the pro version) to get most of my hard drive back.


    Good luck!

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    What is the proper way to disconnect the lacie hard drive from my ATC?