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My MacBook Pro hard drive in spilt into 3 partitions, Lion HD, Snow Leopard HD and a Data partition.


I need know to move my music files to the Data partition and I have both versions of iTunes access it on each OS? Currently just about all my music file on the Lion HD. Thanks.


All help appreciated

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.4), MacBook Pro 13" mid 2009
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    Hello darkhorse85,



    The following article details the process of relocating your iTunes Media folder.


    iTunes for Mac: Moving your iTunes Media folder





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    Thanks for the reply.


    I have two questions.

    I tried relocating in Lion HD drive first of all using iTunes 10. I managed to get it working  which is good, but for some reason only around 30GB of the computers audio contents was moved despite appearing to move the complete folder. This left about 80GB  of "Audio" which I behind on the Lion HD drive.



    I located the this extra 80GB in Finder under Music and dragged and dropped in the Data HD. Problem is how to know what these files are and what to do with them, I would like to know how find out identify the folder and its contents. How would know if they are all uduplicate files of new iTunes Media folder or not?



    I then tried "relocating" the iTunes media folder  in "Snow Leopard HD" drive using iTunes 11. I want it to be sharing the same iTunes media folder as Lion HD uses (the one on Data HD). I went through the relocation instructions  and nothing, same library yet a appears to be a diferent one under Preferences. How can I get Snow Leopard HD to use the same iTunes Media folder?


    Thanks, all help appreciated

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    I need to change the iTunes library/media folder (on my Snow Leopard partition) to another existing library/media folder. The new iTunes Media folder  I need use is located on shared Data partition and in use by the Lion partition.


    Do you know how I can do this? If not I would appreciate it if could you point me in the right direction.


    Many thanks

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    Hi there unforunately I am still struggling get iTunes working completely. Lion OS partition recognises the new iTunes media folder(which is located on my data parition) but the Snow Leopard OS partition does not.


    It is important I have both working otherwise moivng is not saving any space and is redundant .


    Any ideas why this is currently not recognising the new iTunes media folder? Could it have something to do the fact I have to do with the fact that I have to choose the pre-existing folder rather than create a new one?



    All replies are much appreciated


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