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Hey folks,



thinking about going back to SnowKitty. (I miss it. A lot.). Currently I have Mountain Lion, 10.8.4.


I currently have a 10.6.3 retail disc, and when I try to boot from the disc, I get the dreaded Three Beeps of Death.
(Tapping Option during Boot, then selecting the disc, or holding C both result in the Beeps).



I have heard that I MUST have the Gray Discs (Recovery Discs) to truly go back to Snow Leopard from my current ML version of 10.8.4.


However, a Tier 1 Apple Tech Support guy just told me (on an official call) that if I


- Go into disc utility in ML

- Erase my main HDD

- Pop in my Snow Leopard Disc

- Boot


that I will be able to install it without any problems.


I kind of wondered about this solution before he told me about it... my obvious fear is that in so doing this, I will again go to boot into

the 10.6.3 disc and get the Three Beeps of Death--but now my HDD will be erased and I will be totally hosed.


Thoughts on this?

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.3), Downgrading from 10.8.4
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