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I downloaded a document onto my iPad and into my iBooks collection.  The document is a PDF and I would now like to forward it to a friend.  How can I do this? 

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    If you open the PDF and tap the 'share' icon (the square with the arrow coming out of it) towards the top left of the screen (you may need to tap the screen for the icons to appear) then you might get an Email option - if the PDF is protected then you might just get a Print option via that icon (some of mine only show Print).


    If it does only show Print then you should be able to copy the PDF from your iPad to the Books section of your computer's iTunes via File > Devices > Transfer Purchases (even though it's not an iTunes purchase that should still copy it), and you can then email it to your friend from your computer.

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    This helped a lot - thanks!  I just need to connect the iPad to my computer to get the document to sync to the computer.