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I am using FCP Studio. Version 6.06. See below for details about my computer. MAC OSX 10.5.8


When I copy clips from one timeline into another I had to render, but that is no big deal.
I noticed that many clips play back in a stuttered manner. Some clips have the opacity down to black and photos are re-sized.


I do have a clips from different cameras and varying frame rates, but it seems that the some clips are affected and some not, even from the same camera.


I just noticed that the editing timebases are differnet. One says 59.94 and the other is 23.98. Which should I use if I have clips that are a mixture?



Model Name:Mac Pro
  Model Identifier:MacPro3,1
  Processor Name:Quad-Core Intel Xeon
  Processor Speed:2.8 GHz
  Number Of Processors:2
  Total Number Of Cores:8
  L2 Cache (per processor):12 MB
  Memory:4 GB
  Bus Speed:1.6 GHz
  Boot ROM Version:MP31.006C.B05
  SMC Version (system):1.25f4
  Serial Number (system):
  Hardware UUID:

Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.5.8), FCS 2
  • Shane Ross Level 8 (42,795 points)

    If you place clips with settings that differ from the sequence settings, you will need to render. if you have a proRes sequence, but DVCPRO HD footage, you'll have to render. Mix frame rates...you'll have to render.  FCP 6 does a HORRIBLE job of mixing frame rates. FCP 7 was no better.  That is a big part of the stutteryness. 

    Also, FCP doesn't work with non-FCP codecs well either. The FCP codecs are the ones found in the EASY SETUP list. If your footage type can't be found there...you'll have issues, and most likely need to render.  H.264, MP4...FCP seems like it'll work with those, but it will have problems.


    "I just noticed that the editing timebases are differnet. One says 59.94 and the other is 23.98. Which should I use if I have clips that are a mixture?"


    Are they really 59.94? 60fps? Because 1080i59.94 is really 29.97...yes, that's odd to do that. But, with interlaced (1080i) the 59.94 refers to fields per second...60fields per second...two fields in a frame...30fps.  If you mean 59.94 at 720p...yes, that's normal.  23.98 in a 59.94 sequence is better than 59.94 in a 23.98 sequence.  If you mean 1080p 59.94...FCP doesn't work with that format. It's too new and FCP 6...VERY old.

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    Thanks for the helpful information.


    The problem is that I am using the HVX200 with P2 cards which shoots 24PN. So, my clips are 23.98 fps.

    Previously I shot some clips using the FireStore, which converts footage to 59.94.

    All of those are progressive and not interlaced.


    There are a few clips from my handheld Canon Vixa HV30 which is a different codec, HDV 1080i60 and a different frame rate of 29.97.


    So, I have three different frame rates. On the computer, they all look good on the 59.94 time base with a codec of DVCPRO HD720P60.


    I am wondering if I will encounter problems exporting to a finished project such as DVD?

    Maybe I should have used compressor to make them all the same? ( Never used that program before)


    I have archival clips of varing frame rates, wonder if those will be a problem?


    If I have to, I will just use one timeline at the 59.94 timebase.

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    To my mind, it's always best practice to get all your materials converted to he same timebase prior to importing into fcp.

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    720p60 is the best format/frame rate to use to mix frame rates. 30fps (29.97) mixes well with 60fps (59.94)...and it allows 23.98 to spread the frames out better.  But, when you go to DVD, which is 29.97...it might revert to not looking good. I don't have experience doing that.

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    It's too late for that now. I have 90% rough cut edited already. Should I convert all of the 23.98 to 59.94? Or vice versa?


    I will keep all of the clip names intact so the edits will be intact


    If I convert everthing to 59.94 would there be problems with DVDs that use 29.97 frame rate?

    And if film festivals require a different format such as tape etc.. would that 29.97 frame rate be a problem?

    Not sure what to do with these varying frame rates. I have never used compressor before and was avioding it.


    THANKS SO MUCH for help!