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My songs are skipping in itunes and it is just on computer and happens when i burn to cds songs skip. My other devices the songs don't skip. And skipping is when i am playing a game or moving mouse and checking on something and it is most of songs.

it is my computer, Windows 7, different songs skip on itunes
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    Hello Cathy 21084,


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    For more information on this, take a look at:


    Troubleshooting songs that skip



    Make sure song files are not damaged

    If a specific song skips when you play it, it may be damaged.

    1. Delete the song and update your iPod.

    2. Insert the CD you used to import the song and import it again. If the CD is scratched or dirty, iTunes may not be able to import the song. Try cleaning the CD or use a different one. If the song was imported or created using a third-party application, try the following:

    1. Use iTunes to import the content directly from the CD.
    2. Convert the content to an iPod-compatible format using iTunes.

    3. Update your iPod with the new copy of the song.



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    I have a very similar problem.


    I just downloaded iTunes 11.0.5 and whenever I use another program on my computer while simultaneously listening to iTunes, playback skips like a broken record. The songs are not corrupt copies as they played fine with previous iTunes versions, and skipping only seems to happen when I use another program. Even just browsing the internet, iTunes stutters when a page is loading. The same song never skips in the same place for the same amount of time, the only pattern I can notice is playback falters when I'm in another window or moving my mouse.


    My computer has ample memory and I defrag on a weekly basis. The songs do not skip on my iPod and if my computer is open ONLY to iTunes, playback does not skip. My music is iTunes format friendly and I only started experiencing this problem with v.11.0.5.


    Please help, I like listening to music while browsing the internet.

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    Did you ever get a response or answer for this problem?  I'm having the same issue.