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I'm fixing a friend's Macbook Pro.


It's a MD101T/A model.


I have configured it with a 1000 GB hard drive and a 120 GB SSD from Samsung (840 series). Both drives are new and working, I have tested them on other machines to be sure.


The computer isn't working anymore, I couldn't boot so I tried reinstalling OSX. I tried both internet recovery (which makes me install 10.7 even though I have bought 10.8, and I have tried installing from a USB flash drive with 10.8.4.


Nothing seems to work, I can't get to the end of an installation.


I tried saving the error log from my last installation but it says I don't have permission, I even tried sending it via email to Apple but still no permission. Anyways I keep getting the same error " hdiutil verify failed"


I tried running a hardware test, both normal and extended. No errors at all. Any ideas on what it could be? I am having trouble mounting the disks in target disk mode too. The drives come out in read only mode and I can't mount them.


Also a couple of times while booting with C pressed, the Mac couldnt' find the two hard drives, the only drive I could boot from was the USB key.

MacBook Air (13-inch Mid 2013), OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.4)
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    ok i managed to save the error log. Interestingly enough, if I connect the Macbook Pro to my iMac it doesn't work, but if I connect it to my Macbook Air (both times with Target Disk Mode via Thunderbolt cable) it works fine.



    anyways here is the error log http://goo.gl/SMpx06


    I tried connecting an SD card to save the error log, so there might be something about that in there.


    EDIT: even on the Macbook Air the disks disconnected after a couple of minutes, with the usual red "The disk was not ejected properly" error

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    2013-08-06 13.00.53.jpg


    I phisically disconnected the cable on the motherboard that connects the hard drive and just installed on the SSD. It copied the files in just a few minutes but it's been on this screen for over an hour