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Hylliansoulja Level 1 Level 1

My iTunes account has been hacked via Canada according to an email from apple some one in china tried a few weeks ago but failed.


I changed my password a couple time now but it seems that someone has hacked it and downloaded a free game called "game of war fire age" as I said its a free game but the in app purchases can be up to £69.99 per purchase of gold?


This is a worrying thought that my account has been compromised and I am unsure of what to do about it.


I would like to open a new account but would I be able to transfer all my purchases over to a new account any advice is welcome many thanks for your time.

iPhone 5, iOS 6.1.4
  • justunplugit Level 1 Level 1

    Remove your credit card or debit card in itunes under your "account" immediately. Them we can figure the rest

  • Hiiloveyou Level 1 Level 1

    i recieved the same email with the same game and it also stated the purchase was from canada i have revieved a few other as well and am concerned i have changed my password a few times now but i still revcieve emails and am very worried. i recieved the email near the date this question had been put up


    however i do not know how they are downloading apps as my credit card details need verification when i download anything , any help would be much appreciated.