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I've looked high and low in the Manual but can't seem to find any info on how to resize an image. For example, in Photoshop et al I can click on Image Size and then pick specific pixel dimensions, document size, resolution etc etc. I don't expect Aperture to have all those features, but is the only way to resize to export and work in another program, then bring it back into Aperture?

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    That is right. Aperture's main design principle is to to ensure a lossless workflow. You never reduce the quality and resolution of an image in the database. Al images are kept at the best possible original pixel size and quality. If you need an image with a smaller size for a specific purpose (web page, email, etc.) you export an image with a lesser quality. You can always render images with a lesser reolution when exporting. No need to import it back.

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    Leonie's remarks are spot-on.  In case they haven't glowed yet, this may help:  you don't store share-able digital image files in Aperture; you create and store the _potential_ to make share-able digital image files.  That's what your adjusted Versions are: instructions to make -- when needed -- a share-able digital image file.  (This workflow has enormous advantages.)  The parameters you can't find _within_ Aperture's adjustments (viz.: size, pixel dimensions, document size, resolution) are _file_ parameters.  You select and apply them when you convert the potential stored in Aperture into an actual share-able digital image file.  That process is called, in Aperture, "exporting".  "Export" = makes me a share-able digital image file of this Version with these specified _file_ parameters.  You specify the file parameters via an Export Preset.


    There is a parlous moat to cross on the way to Aperture-vana.  You must move beyond the deeply-entrenched _file-centered_ digital world, into a less object-oriented (it seems to me) distributed-data digital world.  With Aperture, that means accepting -- and working with -- the _Image-centered_ model at its core.


    I don't know if Aperture is a good tool for you.  I do know that you will never work well with it as long as you force it to follow the channels carved out by years of file-centered habits.

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    Thanks Leonie, that cleared it up,


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    You are welcome, Brian!