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I have lost album information from the Music app on iPhone 5.  I use iTunes Match.  All of the songs are there, but album, artist, and composer data has disappeared.  What can I do?


I have tried turning iTunes Match off and then on again.  I re-started the iPhone.  I even tried to sync to my computer where I have the iPhone data.


Any suggestions?

iPhone 5, iOS 6.1.4
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    I found the solution by reading through the Discussion threads.  It worked just as described.  It is not the least bit intuitive.  Here is the original post:




    So, sort of a solution to this based on this tidbit found online.


    1. Turned off iTunes Match (device-resident songs were shown, still nothing under Artists or Albums).
    2. Changed language to Spanish (no change).
    3. Changed language to English (Artist and Album lists were now populated).
    4. Turn iTunes Match on (playlists load, but that’s it — otherwise only showing music that’s on the phone).
    5. Turn iTunes Match off (playlists disappear almost immediately, which is unusual).
    6. Turn iTunes Match back on (both device and cloud music is now shown… mostly).


    So the bulk of the music is now shown under Songs, Artists, and Albums, but not all. There are a few missing albums that show up on a search, but don’t appear in any category lists. But that’s an issue for a different post.