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Hello there.


I have been making new motion templates in Apple Motion 4.0.3. to edit and play in Final Cut Pro 7.0.3.


We have an issue where the text is coming up extremely crunchy. Weird thing is - it displays sharp on my machine, but not other producer's machines who will need to use them as well.


here's the real curveball... There are two parts to these motion templates (in the same file), a lot of the time the first part looks so low-resolution and pixelated, and the second part looks nice and sharp. The text is a vector created in motion and the background is vector solids - both produced in motion.


I have checked and double-checked that nothing is over-scaled. All text is sitting at 100%


I've used motion in the past, and have never come across this problem.


Thankyou so much for you help!!



See below example:



This is sitting in the same template, but when it switches to this next part of the animation, it is clear as can be!!! it cant be a font issue, as the subline in the first frame, is the same font as in the second frame...



Project Properties:




Any ideas anyone? I really appriciate your help on this as i'm working towards a deadline!


Thanks so much!




Sydney, Australia

Motion 4, Mac OS X (10.6.8), Mac Pro 12GB ram