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I want to know if I can resize partitions without risking losing any data? My hard drive in spilt into 3 partitions and I run Lion 10.7 on one Snow Leopard 10.6 on another. Below are the partitions and  their sizes.



  • 150GB Snow Leopard HD (100GB free)
  • 300GB Lion HD (150GB free)
  • 300GB Data HD (30GB free)


The list above also shows the partitions in the same way that they're displayed by Disk Utility. I believe DU only allows you expand paritions vertically downwards? I'm thinking of to expanding the non-bootable Data HD partition by around 50GB+ into in the Lion HD partition. (So they appear like the following  they do  below).


    • 150GB Snow Leopard HD
    • 250GB (or less) Lion HD
    • 350GB (or more) Data HD

I do own a copy of Carbon Copy Cloner should this come in useful. All help and replies appreciated

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.3)
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    I tried on mine (six partitions): no, you can't.

    You can stretch the Lion partition by adding another on selecting it and pressing the "+" symbol beneath and sizeing it to 50 Gbytes. When done (if done, depends on data distribution on that partition) you can cancel the new partition pressing the "-" symbol. Youll'have 50 Gbytes free but you can't expand the Data partition into it.

    MAYBE (NOT SURE!!!) with apps such as iPartition you can do it but you must startup form another disk using your internal HD in target mode.

    Better backup everything, recreate desired partitions from 10.6 installer and restore datas and systems.



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    Using the iPartition app it is possible?


    I'd like to learn more about this. Thanks!

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    I also have original iPartition but I can't test it as it doesn't work correctly with my 10.8.4. Don'r know if it is a problem of mine or whatever...