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When I backed up my iPad and iPhone to iCloud for the first time, not able to see anything on icloud other than my Mac information. Once backed up, where do I find the other device backups?


iMac (27-inch Mid 2010), OS X Mountain Lion, two-2TB OWC Mercury Elite Pro drive
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    Assuming you've purchased extra storage at iCloud.com (base is only 5 GB's) then you computer holds the backup data and that is where you would restore info to the devices.

    Did you purchase extra storage?

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    No, I did not.


    Assumed the back up would be in iCloud under the device similar to iTunes. Read that the actual backup are only available on iCloud logging in from the particular device and not through the my Mac.


    I logged in to iCloud from the iPhone and it showed the phone with 160MB and iPad with 156MB. I went further and is shows my next backup size is 188MB with a list of app's, their size and a on/off.


    New to this so appreciate your patience and help.



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    Backups to icloud are not visible from icloud.com and cannot be accessed except for performing a restore to an iDevice.

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    So my backups will not be shown except of the device...worse case ie what happens if my phone is stolen. How do I access its info without the phone and how would I access the files to download to a new phone.