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I just recently got a new mac computer but i want to transfer all my data and documents from my old pc to my new mac. I made a reservation with the genius bar but i want to make sure they won't charge me for anything.

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    No reason to have anyone do it for you for one thing.


    Mac's can read NTFS but not always perfect with externals.


    There already is Windows Migration Assistant that you have.



    Learn about how to use Windows Migration Assistant to migrate your files from a Windows PC to a Mac.


    Use Windows Migration Assistant to migrate your files from your old Microsoft Windows-based PC to your Mac running OS X Mountain Lion or OS X Lion. Migration Assistant automatically transfers your contacts, calendars, and email accounts and more, and puts them in the appropriate applications.

    How to migrate information from a PC to your Mac

    What gets transferred, and to where?

    Windows Migration copies this information from your Windows PC to your Mac:

    Email, contacts, and calendar information

    From Windows XP (with SP3 or later)From Windows Vista (with SP2 or later)From Windows 7 (with SP1 or later) or Windows 8
    Outlook ExpressOutlookWindows Live MailWindows MailOutlookWindows Live MailWindows MailOutlook
    IMAP email account info--to Mail app
    POP email account and messages--to Mail appLogged-in userLogged-in userLogged-in userLogged-in user
    Contacts information--to Contacts app (Mountain Lion)
    or to Address Book (Lion)
    Logged-in user Logged-in user Logged-in user
    Calendar information--to Calendar (Mountain Lion)
    or to iCal (Lion)
    Exchange messages--to Mail app

    Tip: "Logged-in user" means only the data belonging to the user account that you are logged in to Windows with is transferred. To transfer data from other user accounts, repeat this process while logged in to the other account(s). A new user account will be created in OS X each time you perform a migration.

    Note: You may have to manually quit an application in Windows 8 before using the Windows Migration Assistant. Follow these steps to quit an application in Windows 8:

    1. Use the Alt-Tab key combination to choose a running application.
    2. Press Alt-F4 on the keyboard to quit the application.
    • Bookmarks from Internet Explorer, Safari for Windows, and Firefox are transferred to Safari in OS X.

    iTunes content

    • Transferred to iTunes in OS X.
      Image files 
    • Transferred your disk; these can be added to iPhoto. Note: After migrating, you should open iPhoto and let it search the disk for photos to import.

    System settings

    • Localization, locale, browser homepage, desktop picture (omitting standard Windows desktop pictures) are transferred to equivalent System Preferences settings in OS X.
      Other files
    • Files from each top-level folder in the logged-in user's home directory will be offered.
    • Non-system files (items in \Windows, \Program Files), top-level folders on the user's Windows system disk, and top-level folders on other local disks attached to the Windows PC are also offered.
    • Tip: You can uncheck (deselect) anything you do not want to transfer.

    Before you begin the transfer process

    • To avoid interrupting the migration process, disable automatic installation of updates in Windows.
    • Disable any anti-virus software on the PC. Such software may incorrectly identify the Windows Migration Assistant process as suspicious and interfere with it.
    • Disable any firewall software on the PC. Firewall software may block needed ports for Windows Migration Assistant to run.
    • Run the check disk utility (such as chkdsk) on the PC to make sure it is free of any issues.
      • Tip: Select Start > Run… type "cmd" and press Enter. Type "chkdsk" into the command window and press Enter. If the check disk utility reports that it "found problems", enter "chkdsk /F" press Enter. Press "Y" then restart the PC. Repeat this process until the check disk utility reports no issues. If an issue persists after a few repair cycles, you should get the PC serviced before migrating your data to the Mac.
    • Make sure you know the name and password of an administrator account. The first account created on the Mac is an administrator account.
    • Make sure that both the Windows PC and the Mac are on the same network, such as your home network. These are the preferred network connections, in order: 
      • Use a CAT6-certified Ethernet cable that is in good condition to connect the Ethernet port of the PC directly to the Ethernet port of the Mac or Ethernet adaptor (USB or Thunderbolt). You shouldn't use an Ethernet cable that has any kinks in it or is missing connector tabs.
      • Use CAT6-certified Ethernet cables that are in good condition to connect the Mac and PC to your home network router/hub/switch. You shouldn't use an Ethernet cable that has any kinks in it or is missing connector tabs.
      • For wireless, use the fastest wireless signal possible (802.11n 5Ghz). Try to have the PC, Mac, and the wireless access point all in the same room close to each other.
    • This process will create a new user account on your Mac that contains the data migrated from the Windows PC.  It will not merge the information with any existing user accounts on your Mac.
    • This article only applies to migrating from a Windows-based PC to a Mac. For assistance with performing a migration from one Mac to another, please see How to use Migration Assistant to transfer files from another Mac.
    • Windows-specific file types, such as .exe files, are not transferred.
    • You will need to enter your password when you first use an account, such as when you use your transferred email account in the Mail application for the first time.
    Install Windows Migration Assistant on the PC
    1. On the PC, download the Windows Migration Assistant installer from Apple Support Downloads.
    2. Install Windows Migration Assistant, then open it.
    3. Click "Continue" to proceed.

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    Setting-up a new Mac from an old one, its backups, or a PC


    Your appointment at the genius Bar is free, in warranty or out. If the genius can solve your problem or get you on the right track without having to spend a lot of intensive time or use any parts, your visit is free. No work for a fee is ever done on your behalf without your authorization.


    Often what will happen is the genius will set you up on the counter or another work surface nearby, and get you started. You are free to continue the process he has started with you and use the fast Internet connection in the store, and go back to the genius if you get stuck. In the meantime, the genius will assist another customer, but still be willing to answer your questions.