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Searching your Aperture library through a keyword search is a great way to find the images you need. Yet, the way it is implemented in Aperture raises a question: is there a simple way (preferably a single action) to clear the check boxes in the keyword search dialogue ? I have not yet found it.


The problem I encounter is the following: after selecting multiple keywords in the search dialogue the easy way to get back to the all-image display is to uncheck the keywords selection box. The checks with the keywords themselves, however, will still be there. Checking the keyword selection checkbox again will re-display the selected images. So far, fine. But now (or tomorrow) I want to make a new selection. As soon as I check the keyword selection checkbox, the previous search results will be shown and I must now manually find out what keywords are checked. Since my keyword list is rather long, this is a cumbersome process. What I have been looking for is a simple command or button to uncheck all keywords in the search dialoge to start with a fresh list, but I have not been able to find such a command.


Am I overlooking something obvious or is this just missing from Aperture ? Any help is appreciated.

Aperture 3, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.3)