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I have a bunch of short webm files which i would like to edit a bit and convert to small web sized flv files.

It's usually easiest to edit in photoshop because the edits are just in the sequencing, and the files have no audio.

quick and easy, doesn't take long to edit and be done with, just have a issue with the many file types.


I have also previously edited in Final Cut express and final cut pro, imovie, and idvd...

I have an awful lot of different kinds of video converters. previously, i would convert wmv files to mov files, edit or convert into dv files for final cut express.

I like the any video converter ultimate software, which can theoreticaly convert webm files to apple final cut, but results in an mp4, which the final cut does not recognize.


whew, there are so many brands of video conversion softwares.

call me cheap, but i've spent over $1500 for final cut/express/psd and do not want to spend a random $25 for a video converter.


is there a free mac software which can turn a webm or mp4 into a mov or dv file?

I might already have it, just too many to choose from.

iMac, Mac OS X (10.5.8), macpro, macbook, ipad, iphone, ect.