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Buy an iMac and need to know if I have to register the Apple Care.

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    Did you buy the Applecare at the same time as the iMac?  And did you buy at an Apple Store or from Apple online?  If so, then it will have been registered when you purchased.


    If you bought it separately, or from an authorized reseller, you probably need to register it.


    Go to https://selfsolve.apple.com and enter your iMac serial number.  If it shows only one year of coverage, your AppleCare is not registered.  If it shows three years to end of coverage, then it is registered.

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    Oh! wow, thank you very much, compr'el Store iMac, I bought it all together, iMac and Apple Care. I checked it is enabled.

    Thank you very much.


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    AppleCare gives you 3 years of telephone calling to Apple, with any questions about their system, and 3 years of hardware repair for manufacturer defect.  Both are from date of computer's purchase if you buy the AppleCare protection package.   A complementary AppleCare exists for 90 days for phone and Apple software support, and 1 year for hardware support for manufacturer defect both from date of computer's purchase.  The purchased AppleCare plan must be done within the hardware complementary warranty period.


    Manufacturer defect means accidents are not covered.    If you think there might be reason for an accident, I'd get computer insurance protection from Safeware, if your credit card or home/rental warranty does not include it.

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    You're welcome - sounds like you are good to go.  Enjoy the new iMac