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I'm having some confusion on using itunes match.  1st issue is that there are 2 entries of every song on my phone.  There are not 2 entries on my computer. Second issue is that after downloading particular songs into my computer library (from a source separate from itunes), the songs won't sync to my phone.  It continues to time-out even though the songs are there in the itunes library.  I don't know if this is related to match or just itunes.


I have the iphone 5, OS X 10.8.4 on my mac, itunes 11.0.4 on my mac.


Thank you.

iPhone 5, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.4)
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    With iTunes Match enabled on an iOS device traditional syncing of music via USB is disabled. All music management takes place directly on the device. So not music will be synced at all via USB.


    I suggest you disable iTM on the device, open the Music app and let the content clear out, power cycle the device just for good measure, then re-enable iTM. This ought to clear up any glitches.