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I have purchased a number of movies through iTunes over the last several years.  For some reason, most of the movies in my account (i.e. Bugs Life, Shrek, Toy Story, etc.) all show as being available in iCloud to download to my other Mac devices.


However, two of my movies (Cars and Cars 2) are not showing as available in iCloud.  Therefore, I can't seem to download them to my other Mac devices (namely my iMac) without purchasing them both again.  I'm planning a family vacation with the children and I want to be able to show these two movies on the long family drive on my iMac.


Why is this?  Why are these two movies not available in iCloud?

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    Are you saying that if you go to iTunes Store>Purchased>Movies, "Cars" and "Cars 2" do not appear in the list? If they do appear, then download the two movies from there.

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       If they still don't appear you might have accidently hidden them. There's an unhide button on there.

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    I really appreciate everyone's help here!


    When I go to iTunes Store and I select "purchased," the default list that comes up is the music list.  When I switch to movies, I see all of the movies that have been purchased.  On one computer, I see all of the movies.  On the other computer, I only see the movies in the iCloud.  Problem is still not solved.


    Where is the "unhide" button?  I can't find it.

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    Your response doesn't answer my question. Do "Cars" and "Cars 2" show up in your Purchased list?

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    After exploring the various setting in iTunes for a while, I figured it out.  I had to do two different things to get it to work.


    #1 - Both of the Cars movies referenced were "hidden" when I looked in the account settings.  No clue why you can even hide an app, movie, music, etc.  Nonetheless, that was the first step.


    #2 - iTunes > Preferences > Store > "Show iTunes in the Cloud Purchases" needed to be checked.


    That resolved my issue.



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    I have the same problem with two of my movies, exactly where and how can you tell if they are "hidden?"

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    Follow my directions above in #2.  After you do that, look at your movies library on iTunes.  If you see a new movie show up with a little cloud icon in the corner, then you'll know it was hidden.

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    Okay then. Please mark this discussion as solved so that other people can find the solution if they have the same question.

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    Thanks! Your post was really helpful