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I have iTune match turned on across two macbooks, an iPhone and iPad.


Both music libraries on the two macbooks are identical with all of the songs physically downloaded to both hard drives. I am in the process of turning one macbook into a strictly work computer without music to free up space. However, when I go to delete songs from that macbook, I am notified that the song will be deleted across all of my devices. I still want all of my music on the other macbook as well as my iPhone and iPad. How can I delete my music library from my "strictly work" macbook without losing it across all of my other devices?

MacBook Pro (15-inch Mid 2012), iOS 6.1.4
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    If I remember correctly, this alert pertains to physical syncing. If you'll post a screen shot we can tell you definitly. Just remember when deleting music to not delete the music from the cloud and you'll be fine.

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    If you delete music from your second computer, you should delete tracks and move to trash BUT do not select delete from the cloud. This way you can still stream the music on that computer.



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    Thank you Jim. This solution may help.


    A few things...


    Even if I were to delete the songs from the cloud on my "strictly work" computer, would that automatically delete my songs off of my other computer and devices even though the other computer has all of the songs downloaded to it with iTunes match turned on?


    What if I turn iTunes match off on my "strictly work" computer and then delete all of the songs? Theoretically this shouldnt affect any of my other devices, but when I tried this, it still says it will remove those tracks from all other devices.

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    1. Yes, if you deleted the tracks from the cloud, they would no longer be available in Match on your IOS devices. However, you will still have the tracks on your first computer BUT the Icloud Status would be "Removed".


    2. Yes you can turn off match then delete the tracks from the computer. This should not affect music in Match and I believe the message about removing tracks refers to devices that you sync with that computer. If in future you wish to stream music on your works computer, you can re-activate match.


    PS You should as a matter of course back up your music on an external drive!