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My MBP had been showing some funny graphics artifacts when switching cards (when I lauched a graphics-heavy game) so I unchecked the box, forcing it to use the NVIDIA card all the time.  It worked great for a couple days, but this was apparently a bad idea.


About two days later, my screen went all wonky blue-with-lines and I had to hold-power-button shutdown.  On restart the apple logo with loading icon appeared, but then the screen just went grey and stayed that way with the fan running on "seek and destroy" until I felt bad and shut it off again.


Tried safe mode startup (same thing happens), reset PRAM (same thing happens), tried cmd-R booting from the recovery drive but that didn't even get to the startup noise, turned to internet recovery and the progress bar finished loading (after about an hour) but then it immediately restarted and went back to screen=grey, fans=full blast.


The HDD works fine as a target drive so I was able to make sure my backup was up to date, but I don't have Lion on a USB and am really not sure what to do now.


It boots up on single user mode ... is there any way to tell it there to use the intel graphics card?


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