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For the last couple weeks I've had trouble with receiving Yahoo mail. I check my Yahoo mail both on my iPhone and my laptop. My settings are such that mail I've read first on my phone is not deleted from the server; that way, when I check my mail on my laptop I can download a copy there as well. Lately however I have found that whenever I have recently checked my mail on my phone, I cannot download messages to my laptop. My mail program starts the download, then after one or two messages it stops and I cannot download more, and the window that shows how many messages are left goes from say, "2 of 25" immediately to "25 of 25" without actually downloading those messages. I tried contacting Yahoo and they were worse than useless, got an irrelevant and apparently auto-generated reply about browser settings. Any guesses?




MacBook Pro (17-inch), Mac OS X (10.7.4), 64 bit Intel