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Hello all,


Here is my problem - my Apple TV 2 does not respond to any kind of AirPlay.  I have tried streaming from the native music and videos app, I have tried mirroring, I have tried 3rd-party apps - nothing works.


I can watch my purchased videos directly from my Apple TV, so that works fine, but for some reason the YouTube app on ATV doesn't seem to work anymore either.


The weird thing is it seems like my neighbors can connect to my Apple TV (I can see their iPad and their MacBook on my screen randomly) but I can't!  It all used to work fine, but it just suddenly stopped working.


When I try to stream content from my iPhone/iPad using AirPlay, I turn on the Mirroring option, and the blue strip on top indicating that Mirroring is active comes on - but there is no reaction on my Apple TV - and after 5 seconds the blue strip disappears.


Here are the details of my products:


-  Apple TV 2 running 5.3

-  iPhone 5 running 6.1.4

-  iPad 2 (WiFi) running 6.1.3

-  MacBook Pro running latest software


All of these devices are connected to the same WiFi network, and they all are logged in to the same Apple ID.  Home Sharing is also switched on on all of these devices under the same ID (although none seem to find the other devices and no Shared folder shows up anywhere).


Please help me figure this out - it is really frustrating having none of these work because everything used to work together so seamlessly before.


Just some extra info: I am logged on to the US store but am in Dubai currently (this was never a problem before and used to work fine).


Any suggestions would be more than welcome!


Thanks in advance!

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