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I got a new  windows 64 bit windows 7 operating system desktop computer.  I had previousily had a Windows 32 bit XP desk top machine.  I set my I Phone up to WiFi sync to the old XP machine.  When I transfered the information to my new machine and ran I-Tunes WiFi sync it worked fine on the computer syncing all the data via WiFi.

There was a problem though, on the i-phone under iTunes Wi-Fi Sync the old computer name is still listed.  I would like to change the name of the Computer listed there (on the I-Phone) to my new computer so if I am in range of the Home Wi-Fi I can just touch the IPhone Sync Now tab to sync.


It appears the old computer name is imbeded in the I-Phone and When I touch the Sync Now area under " iTunes Wi-Fi Sync" Nothing happens.


Is there any way to change that name on the phone so it sees my new computer name?

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