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since the original thread was closed down without any answer on the subject, here goes: How to get rid of the yellow/grey/orange discoloration a lot of MacBooks are showing? This is a technical issue, so I think there should be no problems with this thread now should there.

OK, another thing: Since the last thread WAS shut down, it certainly seems that someone of Apple is reading these post after all, so maybe any official answers?

Hoping for problem-solving and sincerely,

Martin Stroschein.

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  • newmacbook Level 1 Level 1
    I am scared ! My MB is only 1 day old so no problems at the moment. Shieldzone is on the way $50 odd so I hope this helps.

    I think it is good that Apple must have seen the discussions. The MacBook is beautiful and I really want it to stay that way...

    I, like many others have been impressed with the ipod and tempted away from a cheaper black windows laptop (sorry notebook!)

    Macboo 1.83 1G Ram 4H623   Mac OS X (10.4.6)  
  • Jose M Olaya Level 1 Level 1
    It seems like this topic is not welcomed here.
    If anyone else is having this issue please email me jmmo20 @ so we can find a solution
  • kaox Level 1 Level 1
    your link is broken? it is also shut down, but by who?

    Anywau, we still need a technical way to conduct the technical solution, and the first step is to respone any similar problem in a technical form:

    Serial number: 4HYMM
    Time when delieve (or first usage): ????
    the age when yellow stain was noticeable first time: ????
    the way of usage: (1) regular (2) seldom (3) highly usage
    the place of usage: (1) internal only (2) internal and external (3) ...

    And, post any useful
  • Jose M Olaya Level 1 Level 1
    I made some changes, email me and i'll keep you informed
  • Larry_Rymal Level 2 Level 2
    Hoping for problem-solving and sincerely,

    Probably because there are pages upon pages of messages on the topic with no real solution.

    And yet, I offer another. ;>)

    Try this stuff: SearchFlag=true&An=text

    If the link is broken, go to and do a search for "Sanford Expo". I used it a couple of years back to clean some cigarette smoke stained telephones that electronically were still useful for our new smoke-free offices. The phones were white, but stained to a yucky creamed yellow. Sanford Expo removed it.

    If anyone is in the Houston - Conroe - Huntsvillel I-45 coverage area, and you have a stained MacBook, I'd love to meet up with you and see if this cleaner will help. My white MacBook is still stain-free, for some reason. Below is a descriptor from Office Depot:

    * Tough but gentle cleanser removes board stains. Tough enough to get rid of shadows, ghostings, stains and permanent ink from dry-erase boards — gentle enough not to harm the board.
    * Spray bottle for maximum board coverage. Just squirt some in each area of the board for quick, even distribution of cleaner. Handy palm-sized spray bottle is comfortable to hold.

    I would propose doing just a very small area on the stain. Cost is only $3.50 or so for the spray bottle.
  • Jose M Olaya Level 1 Level 1
    I have checked and there's no way to get that product from Spain, and the online shop doesn't ship out of the USA

    Still, it seems like some solutions work for some people, others don't.
    I still think it's a manufacturing issue and a problem with apple's QC
  • Ilya Smirnov Level 1 Level 1
    Have you got that webpage put up? I can put it up on my server if you want. I can also help with the coding if needed.


    2.0 GHz MacBook or iMac soon iPod video 30GB Black | Silver iPod Mini 2G 4GB
  • Larry_Rymal Level 2 Level 2
    Spain? Well, ok...

    Look for any white board cleaner that also is able to remove permanent marker writings. The key is any phrase that indicates it is gentle on the material.

    Surely Europe has a similiar product. Office supply store??? What about Viking Direct? Surely, Spain has office supply stores:
  • infinite vortex Level 7 Level 7
    nsnowingAccording to today's MacFixIt there are user having luck in removing the stains with Mr Clean Magic Eraser…
  • Larry_Rymal Level 2 Level 2
    MacFixIt got the info from here! grinnnn Indeed, much of the MacFixIt info about staining and heat has come from the messages here.

    Regarding a Spanish solution, here's a description on the Sanford Expo bottle:

    "limpiador para pizarron blanco" para superficies de borrado seco...
  • Jose M Olaya Level 1 Level 1
    I tried Mr Clean Magic eraser with no luck.

    Tried dried, wet in water, water with soap, ethanol, hydrogen peroxide.... no luck whatsoever.
  • Jose M Olaya Level 1 Level 1
    Can you tell me what that liquid contains?
  • Jose M Olaya Level 1 Level 1
    Yep it's up but Apple doesn't us the world to know
    Email me and i'll keep you informed.
  • Larry_Rymal Level 2 Level 2
    Can you tell me what that liquid contains?

    2-Butoxy Ethanol/acetate, isopropy alcohol. The contents doesn't list the percentages.

    We use it all the time on our white marker boards, plastic furniture pieces, electronic equipment and screens. Hasn't hurt anything.
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