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I transfered all of my content from my iMac to a new AirMac and it worked great.


Is there a way to transfer only a item that is on my iMac to the AirMac?

My iMac is a 2008 purchase.


For desktop items it is not an issue as I can just e-mail it to myself, but there are updates, new entries to Bento and iPhoto, Aperture, etc that I would like to transfer.


I read a few topics about using the iMac is a monotor and it required a mini display port which my iMac does not have.






OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    I transfered all of my content from my iMac to a new AirMac

    If so, then there shouldn't be anything else to transfer. More details are needed. Alternatively, restore the MacAir to its shipped state and redo the migration, following the steps in Pondini's Setup New Mac guide.

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    I am asking that I would like to just update a single application


    I already migrated the entire HD.



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    Then, update it on the MacAir. Sorry, but I seem to be missing the point if you've migrated the entire HD, since that implies both machines have the same versions of everything.

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    Let me give 2 examples:
    I transferred Aperture to the Air Mac
    and since the transfer, I  have download and PP several photos, I have updated a Bento file from 5600 names to 6200 names.


    Currently the only way I can think of is to repost all the Bento files and put the PP photos in an  e-mail and send it to my address and manually enter it into Aperture.


    I hope I am making sense of this.



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    Ah! Thnaks for clarifying. You're trying to keep the two machines synched. That's a difficult proposition without having both on a local network and enabling sharing. I don't know of any software that does that, so you'll have to check around for that. IIRC, iCloud can deal with some Apple app stuff, but I don't do cloudy stuff.