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hi, I've been trying to figure this one out. when i type a song in the itunes search feature it shows up as usual but when i click it so it'll play nothing happens. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling itunes. previous versions allowed users to play songs directly from the search feature just by clicking on it once it appears on the the results right? but the recent updates including the newest one Itunes don't, at least for my case.  i was on itunes 11.0 i think, then i updated it last night hoping it will fix it but it didn't. i still need to manually search for a song by scrolling up and down on my library instead of just typing the song title on the search bar then clicking on it to play. AND the weird thing is sometimes it works, but there's like a one in a million odd that it will. sometimes i had to do something with itunes like changing the page orientation through page set up, removing the arrow on the "search entire library" in the search feature then it will magically work but most of the time it doesn't. i'm on windows vista starter. hoping to get some help on this. thanks!