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Does anyone actually find the iTunes store search useful and/or intuitive?

1. Why would ANYONE want to search for a keyword across podcasts, albums, songs, apps, itunes U, collections etc etc all at once?? Ok, maybe include that feature for completely clueless individuals who are seriously bored. For myself and surely the vast majority, we know what we're looking for and don't want to be smashed in the face with an abundance of completely inappropriate results.

2. More details are required on the results page. As the medium has been around for so long, and so many podcasters come and go, many podcasts seem to date back to the dawn of time. I don't want to click on a search result only to find out the podcast stopped updating 5 years ago. We should be able to sort by date, filter out dates etc. PODCASTS ARE TOPICAL. Apple created them, how can you not know this?

3. The back button is not a back button. If I click 'see all' (which I shouldn't have to) and click on a result to find out more (which again, shouldn't be required if the display options were any good) only to find out I'm not interested and I want to keep searching, guess what? I click back only to be taken back to that same infuriating display of search results across every type.


I'm guessing the search for music is equally frustrating though I wouldn't know, iTunes is so slow and clunky I avoid using it except where absolutely necessary and buy my music elsewhere.

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