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trying in install officejet 6600 wireless...noluck

iMac, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.4)
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    this has already been installed.  My Mac is saying no printer detected.

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    Try these steps to uninstall the current software using the HP scrubber and then reinstall using the current HP driver available through Apple.



    To do so, perform the following steps:



    1. Go to Applications/Hewlett Packard/ and then click on “HP Uninstaller”

    2. Next click “Continue”

    3. Highlight the device on the left pane.

    4. Press and hold control+alt+command on the keyboard simultaneously while you click on “Uninstall”.

    5. After you do this, you will see a pop up that asks you if you want to uninstall all HP software. Please note, that in doing this, it will remove any other HP printers that you also have installed.

    6. Click “continue” and wait for the program to finish.

    7. After it completes, reboot your computer.



    Once the computer is back on, do the following steps:

    WARNING: This is will delete all of your printers.



    1. Go into “System Preferences” and then select either  “Print & Scan” or "Print & Fax".

    2. Right click (or control + click) on the rectangle listing your printers and then select “Reset Printing System”. 



    After you have reset the printing system, let's make sure you have the most recent HP driver package installed.



    You can do this two ways. First,  check for any available HP Update's by clicking the Apple icon and then Software Update. If there are any updates available, they should show up here. However, if the printer is connected by USB, it will not show any available updates. The other option is downloading the drivers from Apple's website.



    You can download it here: http://support.apple.com/downloads/DL907/en_US/HPPrinterDrivers2.14.dmg





    Once you have downloaded the driver package and completed the installation, you will want to plug your printer back in (if you were using a USB connection).  After the printer is plugged back in, go into your print settings under System Preferences > Print & Scan. To add the printer, click the plus sign. You should see your printer listed here. If not, click "Add Printer or Scanner." Click the name of your printer and then click "Use:” box.  Make sure that says the name of your printer and not AirPrint. If you are using the printer wirelessly, make sure that the printer "Kind:" is set to Bonjour or Bonjour Multifunction. Click "Add" down in the bottom right hand corner.



    This will add your printer back using the most recent HP print driver available through Apple. Let me know if this helps resolve your issue or not. If it doesn't, let me know I will see what else I can do.



    Best of luck,