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Hello I have an Iphone 4s, my wi-fi has "greyed-out"....how do I fix it

iPhone 4S, iOS 6.1.3
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    Hai, I too had the same problem. It came only after i updated my phone to IOS7. It was good for two weeks and suddenly the wi-fi greyed out. As my phone s not covered under warranty i sarched net to find a solution. did basics like Resetting network settings, restoring phone and everything thats on the blogs. A weired method gave my wi-fi back. As my phone is not under warranty i went for a toss. Initially i turnrd off my phone and left in fridge for ten minuts and then switched it on. My wi-fi was on for 1 hour and again it went grey. Control centre indicates wi-fi is on but the switch is turned off. I did again reset the network settings and switched off the phone. Now i opened the back case and heated the phone(at area where wifi chip is present) with help of hair drier for two minuts. i allowed it to cool for 30 mints and then switched it on again. To my surprise my wi-fi is back. I dont know if i can suggest this crude method to u but if u are out of warranty there is nothing to loose. Will update in case if it fails or continues to work. Hope this info will help some folks.

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    Hey, that's incredible but it works. I have the same failure, and I've turned off the mobile phone and cooled it. That's probably is a problem with solder (on wi-fi component).

    My mobile now is out of warrenty (to change it I've to pay 199 euro), so... My mobile will work without wi-fi.

    What I suggest is (that is what I've observed) :

    the software doesn't detect the failure and disable the wi-fi ... but simply greyed out the possibility to switch on/off the wi-fi (and probably it is switched on) .. the mobile phone in this state has a battery decrese very high and it warms a lot.

    So when I have had the possibility (when I was colled and the wi-fi work) I've disabled the wi-fi ..I'll use it just for a few time when I've to do software upgrade before the high temperature of the component will greyed out again the wi-fi.