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I'm working on an ePub that will have a final version in late September. The ePub has been written with Pages and has been modified only CSS styles: headlines and subheads (h1 and h2) with font-family: sans-serif; red to some links; divs with background-color: #EEEEEE for illustrations; and source code snippets with font-family: monospace.

Everything works perfectly, except for the span element with a class that show the source code in monospace. Fails randomly. Chapters 1 to 7, it behaves correctly. Chapter 8, programmed the same way, it fails. On 9 works fine. On 10 fails. Etc.

The error occurs with completely updated iBooks on iPad 1 and completely updated iBooks iPhone4S.

The previous view in Calibre is correct. And the ePub been checked with EpubCheck 3.0.1, surpassing perfectly.

Anyone of Apple wants to review the ePub?